Hutovo Blato is a unique sub-Mediterranean swamp. This green oasis is located in a typical karst environment and territorially belongs to the municipalities of Stolac and Čapljina.
It is located about fifteen kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, so it is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean climate. Hutovo Blato is known as one of the largest bird reserve and is the most significant of it’s kind in the region. Due to its exceptional importance and the abundance of water that provides inhabitation conditions for a large number of plants and animals, it was declared as a Nature Park officially in 1995. High groundwater level affects the occurrence of permanent and seasonal springs and wells. The Stolac part of Hutovo Blato can be reached via Kruševo to the bay Drijen vrelo, one of the 6 lakes that the Park is  consisted of.

During the summer, most of the water signiffically recedes so it is ideal to have a picnic along the coast and enjoy the natural wealth that surrounds the water. According to the latest research, more than 600 plant species have been identified in the Nature Park. Of the types of aquatic vegetation, water lilies are the most common. The special wealth of Hutovo Blato are the  birds, where 163 species of birds from 39 families have been recorded, while the waters of Hutovo Blato have 22 species of fish from 12 families, of which the most important species are eels and carp. Such a diverse and rich flora and fauna represents an inexhaustible beauty for researchers and tourists.

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