Bone Hospital

The Bone Hospital, or at the time known as the State Hospital, was certainly the most famous Stolac institution and widely known for bone and joint diseases due to its excellent treatment climate. Built during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy - from 1892 to 1897, it was located in the southern part of the city and was equipped with the most modern equipment and brought the best medical staff to the hospital. Unfortunately, the Hospital experienced three wars.

In the last war, in 1993, it became a concentration camp and torture camp for Bosniaks from the Stolac municipality, under the control of the HVO. The detainees were forcibly transferred from the Bone Hospital to other facilities in Herzegovina, and many of the injuried detainees later died. Former members of the HVO are currently being tried before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are charged with physically and mentally harassing civilians imprisoned in the Bone Hospital, while in November 2017, the Hague Tribunal convicted the so-called The Hague Six have been imprisoned for a total of 111 years, including for crimes committed in the Bone Hospital. Since the return of Bosniaks to Stolac, the anniversary of the crimes at the Bone Hospital has been marked every year.

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